Our work with lesbian, bisexual and trans women victims of domestic abuse, as well as our research, tells us that there is a taboo on talking about domestic abuse in the lesbian, bisexual, trans and queer community which works in different ways to stop us from acknowledging and talking about the problem of domestic abuse – even though it affects about one in four of us.

But this silence – or taboo, can make it much harder for us to recognise abusive situations and get the help we need, both when we witness things, or when we become the victim.

That’s why we think it’s really important for our community to start talking about domestic abuse – and sharing our experiences. If we talk about this together, then by that act of talking we will have challenged the taboo, and we’ll all be one step closer to being able to get the help we need.

We want our community to take responsibility for ourselves by helping to end the taboo. And the great news it that is so easy to do – and that’s where you come in. By showing this film in your group, and then having a discussion with your group members at the end of the film, you’ll be challenging the taboo. And if the people in your group agree to talk to their friends, and then they agree to talk to their friends – then before long we’ll have taken control of the situation and made it so much easier for people who have been victims and witnesses to name their experiences and get help.

You choose – we can come to you and show the film, then lead an informal discussion about it, or alternatively, we can supply you with all the materials you’ll need to lead the discussion yourself. Just choose which option below is best for you.

Option 1

Want us to contact you about attending your group to facilitate a discussion?

Option 2

Want to download the materials and facilitate your own group?

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